Are custom invitations for you?

I am assuming that since you are either a regular follower of this blog, or have stumbled upon it by chance, you appreciate the art of custom invitation design. If you are not convinced of the merits of my trade, I figured I would devote a post to why you might one day want to … Continue reading

Get pressed: The beauty of letterpress stationery

There can be little debate about the exceptional quality of a letterpress-printed piece.¬†Letterpress invitations are sunken deep into the surface of the paper, a look that resembles a mild engraving and has a nice tactile quality to it that is soft to the touch. For all of you history buffs, here’s a small lesson on … Continue reading

Trending: To seal, or not to seal?

Envelope seals have quickly become the next best way to say “I can’t wait to celebrate with you!” Not only do they present a wonderful opportunity to carry on the theme from your interior invitation, they show potential guests that you have gone the extra mile to impress them. From the perspective of guests, this … Continue reading

DIY: Fold-style invitations

This is my first foray into do-it-yourself video instruction, and I must say, I really enjoyed the process. The topic of the tutorial is how to create your own fold-style invitations. Pre-folded, blank invitation templates can be bought from any paper retailer, however, if you are in search of a folded invitation in the texture … Continue reading

DIY: Get in line for envelope liners

One of the goals of this blog is to communicate top industry trends, and while envelope liners are not considered the latest in invitation fads, I thought they were still worthy of a blog feature. Since Day 1 of starting my business, I offered customers the choice of matching envelope liners. Envelope liners are a … Continue reading

The ‘Destination Wedding’ Invitation

The importance placed on an invitation’s appearance is no greater than in the case of a¬†destination wedding. Just because you’re exchanging nuptials in an extraordinary location, does not mean that that fact alone will fill seats on the plane. Your destination wedding invitation is meant to inspire excitement in your guests the second they open … Continue reading